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  In today’s world information travels in “Real time”. The organization which adopts Information Technology and Internet achieves operational excellence, competitive edge to sustain and grow with the ever changing market conditions.

To achieve these goals an enterprise has to imbue mobile technology to improve customer service, improve productivity, reduce its cost and enhance customer experience.

G7 InfoTech Mobility Team with a broad range of Mobile Solution Experience is an additional advantage to a business for plenty of reasons, including uninterrupted flow of real-time information for real-time decision making.

G7 InfoTech Enterprise Mobility solution can be customized to your business requirement. We have the capability to develop solutions on various mobile platforms like Android, Symbian, BlackBerry and Windows, to best suit your business need.
G7 InfoTech’s Mobile Technology Excellence includes: 
  Technologies                                  Core Java, Java ME  
  Operating Systems                     Symbian, Blackberry, Android  
  SDKs           Android SDK, Nokia SDK, Blackberry SDK, Sun Wireless SDK  


Enterprise Mobility Application for Courier Industry. The Mobile solution with field force to update the Consignment Delivery/Pickup status details to the Head office in real time.

RCTMS(Real time Container tracking and managing System)

Enterprise Mobility Application for Container Management. The Mobile solution tracks and manages the container in container yard and update the status of each container to server in real time.


Enterprise Mobility Application for Retail Enterprise. Mobile Application enables Customer to browse products and add product to shopping cart with payment gateway along with delivery status.


Enterprise Mobility Application for hospitality industry. Restaurant Captain receives order from customer via mobile application and sends the order information to kitchen and for billing in real time.


Enterprise Mobility Application for Insurance Company. The Mobile solution server field force to update status of premium collected for policy in real time.

EWITS (Efficient Work in Progress Inventory Tracking System)

Enterprise Mobility Application for Warehouse Industry to provide efficient way of handling and placement of SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) and locating them in real time.

  Our differentiators
Ease of use and intuitive interfaces  
Minimum inputs from users  
Easy to maintain, easy to enhance  
Faster time to market  
Robust and scalable  
No ‘over engineering’  
Advanced technology and tools to provide better value  
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