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Application Development & Management

G7 InfoTech offers a suite of services which can help our customers overcome their current challenges in the areas of new software application development or changing existing applications. Armed with proven domain expertise and many years of experience in the latest technologies, we can provide the most appropriate solution for the very specific requirement of our customers.

Our strong execution methodology and stringent processes ensure our deliverables are of the highest quality and at the same time bring in direct cost benefits in implementing solutions which in turn reflects on our customers' bottom line.
New application Development
Application Support & Maintenance
Application Re-engineering
Application migration and integration
Product development support
Portfolio assessment

Product Re-engineering

G7 InfoTech can help in areas where there is a need to improve already developed and running products. With years of expertise in the areas of architecture, design, development and testing, our team will follow the following steps to enhance the product:
Business analysis and customer need analysis
Product analysis
Feasibility analysis
Code walkthrough
Documentation of areas of improvement
Project planning
Hand over
Bringing in a combination of domain expertise as well as technology and process experience, G7 InfoTech is well equipped to identify the key improvement areas in the product and to suggest and implement appropriate corrective actions which will bring about a turnaround in the product.

E-Commerce solutions

According to reports released by the U.S. Commerce Department, e-commerce sales totaled $165.4 billion in 2010, that is an increase of 14.8% from $144.1 billion 2009. The numbers also show that e-commerce is growing much faster than retail sales and 4.2% of total retail spending took place online during 2010, up from 3.9%. In India alone the e-commerce market is expected to be at INR 31,598 crores at the end of 2010 according to IMRB.

This has led to a tremendous increase in competition for businesses and they see a potential customer in every computer owner connected to the web. Businesses can achieve a significant lead over their rivals by rapidly changing high-end technology.

We at G7 InfoTech can provide you the most suitable and customized solution based on your specific requirement. Solutions range from open source based solutions running on LAMP to proprietary solutions.

Mobility Solutions

There are over 3 billion mobile phones and this number is far greater than computers or people who have access to the internet. The rapid increase of mobile phone usage across the globe, has given a window of opportunity for companies to conduct mobile commerce.

M-commerce provides the opportunity to tailor make services for individual customers and an innovative way of entering into a relationship with the customers.

The technology in use has gone beyond limits and businesses are taking advantage of it, to work faster and leaner and more intelligently. Different technologies on a single device are available everywhere and anytime and are allowing businesses to extend their reach. Even small businesses are no longer at a disadvantage since complex technologies are available for a low cost.

G7 InfoTech offer Enterprise Mobility solution with adoption of Mobile Technology for the business as per Client requirement to achieve real time information operation to carry in their Businesses and keep operation strong ,Profitable & competitive. We develop solution on various mobile platforms like Android, Symbian, BlackBerry and Windows.

Legacy Modernization

A legacy system is an asset and an integral part of any organizations IT structure. Companies have invested significant amounts of resources, money and training of teams to support critical business functions.

However, some organizations feel that they have been confined and are spending way too much of their development resources on maintaining their existing platforms, which leaves less resources for innovation. The complexity due to highly integrated application has blinded organizations from realizing the true potential of their operating systems. Organizations suffer from various challenges due to legacy applications:
High cost in maintain and upgrading
Inflexible of existing systems
Highly dependent on traditional technology and models
Disability to add new products and upgrades
Diminishing talent pool
With G7 InfoTech's domain and technical expertise, our key focus is to help our clients modernize their current framework to provide a strong foundation for growth of the business and the capability to be aligned with the business goals of the organization for future growth.

Remote Infrastructure Management

IT Infrastructure is the backbone of any organization, irrespective of their size and with the continuous changes in the business environment; organizations need to derive maximum performance from their IT Infrastructure to generate profits for the client. In addition, organizations face significant challenges in scaling and managing their IT Infrastructure.

Therefore proper planning, deployment and support of IT Infrastructure has become imperative for better performance and enhanced productivity.

At G7 InfoTech we provide the following services :
Desktop management
Server management
Network management
Asset management
Bringing in a combination of domain expertise as well as technology and process experience, G7 InfoTech is well equipped to identify the key improvement areas in the product and to suggest and implement appropriate corrective actions which will bring about a turnaround in the product.

Application Integration

As organizations continually grow in size their dependency on business applications increase significantly. Organizations have different applications for different business that use different technology built over time. This results in isolated functionality, duplication of data, redundant activities and higher costs. Due to this, there is an increasing need for flexible and customized solutions that can integrate disparate applications, processes and database to drive the business

G7 InfoTech professionals have years of expertise in the areas of SOA and web services. Making use of the latest frameworks and tools and technologies, we work to provide specific solution to make disparate applications talk to each other ensuring that our clients end goals are met.
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