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  Container Terminal Management System(e-CTMS)  
  A globalized economy is manifested in raising trade volumes at the ports around the world adding pressure to seaports and terminals to increase capacity. The alternative solution to increasing capacity other than physical expansion is through increased terminal performance so that containers are loaded, discharged, stored, and dispatched efficiently whilst optimizing available resources. Large volumes moving into the container terminals need better tools to track and manage goods. Container terminal operators have come to recognize this and are looking more and more to IT solutions to solve their challenges of congestion. G7 InfoTech, e-CTMS (efficient Container Terminal Management System) provides visible changes in the container terminal operations regarding the management of data; inventory control, increased throughput, efficiency in location and resource allocation, all the while reducing cycle time and paperwork.

G7 InfoTech e-CTMS is a web based solution designed and developed on Oracle 10g and .NET platform. The system is highly configurable and built to support industry best practices. Our e-CTMS is RFID technology enabled to prepare operators for the eventual use of active or passive tags to track, manage numerous container movements and process containerized cargo across the terminal.
  Key Features of e-CTMS  
Multi Site and Company configurable support
Rule based Order Management for various services like EXIM, domestics, storage, terminal handling etc…
Track gate operations with visibility of Gate-in, Gate-out and gate pass generation
Workflow automation to trigger Work/Job order creation MHE /Resource scheduling
Manual or automatic upload of container master
Rule based allocation of containers by customer, container type, LIFO/FIFO, random, etc…
Monitor and update container status and ownership
Container stacking rules based on Container Types, Size, Commodity and Location
Track cargo and container, receipts, release, stuffing, de-stuffing and survey
Provide accessibility and transparency at each level of shipment transactions
Automated scheduled alert mechanism for updating delivery pending, both at primary and secondary transshipments
Unique billing for the activities performed order and customer wise
Integration capability to RF devices /vehicle mounted terminals, weigh bridge Barcode , finger print and document scan
System has capability of processing different EDI file format
  G7 InfoTech with its expertise leadership in supply chain industry had built e-CTMS which is a robust application capable of providing increased efficiencies in cargo and container terminal operations leveraging the technology to offer innovative and integrated service offering while delivering differentiated service experience to customer.  
Our differentiators
Highly scalability and configurable  
Seamless integration capability with all systems provides enhanced cargo visibility.  
Enhanced & optimized equipment utilization  
Tracks container and cargo across the terminal  
Automate processes to reduce errors and service failures  
Reduce service fulfillment cost and improve returns  
Tracks irregularities and discrepancies through the process  
Extensive management reporting for business scenario analysis, prediction & decision-making  
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