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  In this global economy, the expectations of customers have increased with changing supply chain dynamics resulting in lower lot sizes, more frequency of deliveries, increased service time and frequency expectations, shorter product life cycles and stringent inventory norms. To overcome these challenges technology has become a key for Logistics Service Providers (LSP’s) to survive in stiff competition and retain customers.

G7 InfoTech provides highly scalable supply chain solutions to address the needs of logistics and transportation industry, inherent to suite its architecture of multi-client and multi-site framework that makes it easier to manage multiple clients under one roof. It incorporates the breadth of functionality of best-of-breed solutions, yet packaged with an even smaller distribution operation in mind. With its rules-based configurability and rapid implementation, it is a perfect match for operations that demand broad scale functionality.

But, the framework for a quicker and easier implementation exercise suite can run as stand-alone or as an integral component in a global supply chain network.

G7 InfoTech Logistics & Transportation Solutions features and capabilities are universal throughout our entire solution spectrum, providing a uniform and integrated approach to managing supply chain. These foundation capabilities include:
  Corporate Performance Management(Reporting and Analytics)
  Radio Frequency Identification(RFID) tracking
  Workforce Management
  Activity based Billing
  All our solutions are available to our customers using two delivery models: a license-based model, and an on-demand Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model.

Our differentiators
Intuitive ease-of-use  
Best practice operations for wireless receiving  
Directed putaway, order planning and fulfillment, replenishment, shipping & consolidation, and inventory control  
Real-time visibility of inventory  
Managing multiple companies with multiple warehouses  
Collaborate with your suppliers/vendors, customers, and other trading partners using the latest electronic commerce standards  
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